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Daily Banking:
Price of daily banking services are based on the cheapest daily banking packages of banks active in Belgium based on a comparison via 35 years old, private person, 2 debit cards, 2 credit cards, 12 ATM withdrawals at their own bank per year, 52 ATM withdrawals at other banks per year, 20 ATM withdrawals of €500 in other currencies per year, 10 national money transfers per month, 15 instant transfers per month. All these services are included and unlimited in the premium membership. Source: Simulation made 28 September 2020.

Exchange rates:
Savings are calculated as the difference between 0% (as Aion Bank does not charge fees on top of the interbank FX rates) compared to 2.2%. The average commission per €100 spent in foreign currencies via standard debit card payment across BNP Paribas, KBC, ING, Belfius, Argenta and Hello Bank is 2.2%, as per official Fees and Charges documents, as of 25 August 2020.

Earnings based on costs and performance in mixed UCITS (mixed mutual funds) over 1 yr in Belgium reported by “ESMA Annual Statistical Report 2019 on Performance and Costs of Retail Investment Products in the EU”: 2.13% ongoing costs, 0.12% subscription costs and a 7.03% gross annual return. €10,000 invested with these costs and performance results in €10,466. Investing the same capital without these costs, like at Aion Bank, but with the same gross annual return results in €10,703.

Household bills:
Source: results of CREG (Commission de Régulation de l'Électricité et du Gaz) and PwC study as of April 2020 (, p. 103 and 130). The savings shown reflect the annual difference between gross costs of "the standard product" and "the cheapest product," averaged for the 3 regions. Note that the data used to calculate these savings may be subject to change.


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