Who we are
and why it's so important
to choose us.

Why us

Aion is built from scratch by an international team of professionals. Diversity is not just a slogan for us. We represent cultures from 13 countries and share a common respect for our backgrounds, beliefs,
and traditions.

Together we create a great synergy of experience from banking, start-ups and new technologies sector. It allows us to do banking guided by client interest and their real needs.

Our values

It will show you our way of thinking
and behaving

We are perceptive

We are perceptive

It means we empathise

We always try to actively listen and understand the needs of the person we engage with – be it our client or colleague.

It means we value diversity

We believe everyone is different and unique, so we cooperate to build on diverse perspectives and experiences and create greater value.

We are principled

We are principled

It means we are transparent

We believe that truth and honesty are the basis for healthy relationships, so we are fair and treat everyone equally.

It means we take responsibility

We show initiative and take ownership of projects, but we are not afraid to ask for help if it is needed. It means we focus on teamwork.

It means we focus on teamwork

We are team players who have one common goal, so we trust and rely on each other, because together we grow stronger and better.

We are pioneering

We are pioneering

It means we are open-minded

We look broadly on market and trends and don’t follow the usual patterns, we question everything we learned so far to create future-proof solutions.

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