Announcement to our existing members:
The previous fidelity premium remains fixed and will continue to apply to all previously made deposits remaining on the account for twelve months, up until twelve months after the date of the deposit. In other words, the adjustment of the fidelity premium does not affect previous deposits for up to twelve months.

What does our Extended Savings Account offer?

  • You receive a 1.5% fidelity premium for deposits that are on your account for longer than 1 year.
  • And a base rate of 0.5%.
  • And exempt from 15% withholding tax on the first €1020 
of interest earned in 2024.
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How does it work?

  • Download the Aion Bank app.
  • Open an account within minutes.
  • Go to the Finance tab and select ‘open new savings account’.
  • Select the Extended Savings Account.
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Digital banking at its best

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Type of product 

Our Extended Regulated Savings Account is free of charge and is opened for an indefinite duration. Your  money is always available without any costs. 

Our Extended Regulated Savings Account is subject to Belgian law and complying with the conditions set out  in Article 2 of the Royal Decree executing the Income Tax Code 1992. It is for mobile clients only. 

Our regulated savings accounts Extended offer a 0.50% base rate and a 1.50% fidelity premium. The base interest is acquired as from the day after the money is deposited on the account and until the day of withdrawal. The fidelity premium is only acquired on the amounts which have stayed uninterruptedly on the regulated savings account for 12 months following the deposit. The rate of the fidelity premium in force at the time of the deposit or the start of a new acquisition period remains unchanged for a period of 12 months.

Before opening an account, please read the key information for savers and the deposit guarantee information  sheet below. 

The rates on our savings accounts can be changed at any given time. Our members will be notified of such  changes via email. 

Tax regime 

Individuals are exempt from 15% withholding tax on the first €1020 of interest earned in 2024. 


Your deposits are protected up to €100 000 per person.  

Risk of bankruptcy: in case of bankruptcy or risk of bankruptcy of the financial institution, the saver runs the  risk of not recovering his/her savings or may be subject to a diminution / conversion in shares (Bail-in) of the  amount of the claims he/she holds against the financial institution in excess of €100 000, I.e. the amount falling  within the scope of the deposit guarantee scheme. 

Risk of inflation: the continuing rise in prices could cause the money deposited to lose value. 


You can send your complaints to us using our chat or write an email to: If you are not satisfied, contact bank mediation service at:


Aion Bank NV/SA, a credit institution incorporated as a company limited by shares under the laws of Belgium, with registered office at Manhattan Center, Avenue du Boulevard 21, 1210 Brussels, Belgium, registered with the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises under number 403.199.306, VAT BE403.199.306

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